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Whenever I have a smile when I read the guys say they are a pint of milk a female vagina. It never happens, these people are dreamers and do not seem to know that the average is just a teaspoon or a little more. Some of us have a little more milk, usually get a spoonful of milk for the first time ( and yes it was collected and measured ). Then decreased. Years ago, a Polish girl, Sophie, was in the same place I worked, I was always flirting so I asked. We went to the cinema, which was a movie I wanted to see her, she said. ! They did not really see how much you sucked my cock a lot of time a lot and worked, I said, 'You know, fuck you ' She replied : 'Yes, and I'll fuck you, it's over ! ' He kept his word, which opened the way through the doors in the rear and parking. 'We have to be careful,' he said. 'Oh, why it is. ' 'My husband is up there in that apartment with the lights on !' I led the way to extrapost a location just below the window extrapost was on the third floor of an apartment building, he had been a contortionist, we have seen. off her panties and grabbed my cock as I got there, we had a huge pussy. Big lips exterior, interior and a thick, crooked finger clit like a baby. I fucked my finger is pressed her clitoris, she screamed and came, her orgasm was followed by a jet of liquid. I teased her even more and asked me to fuck off. Silly as it sounds now, I removed my pants and underwear, I did not want her diving when they came again. I sat on the wall and stood to lose my hands on her thighs, then I do on my tail, which had six and seven-eighths of an inch measured. He grabbed me tightly as I held with a vice grip on my back. Arriving at my peak, I cried, ' Where do you want to d ' Soph ? extrapost ' ' Until my pussy !' She said, and I shot my load until 'Christ,' shand gasped : I just shrugged his shoulders 'Why do not you tell me cum so I will go home with his sperm extrapost oozing over my thighs,' 'Your idea,' he said. ' He's lazy !' She whispered to me ', you are not cursed again, no matter right? ' 'You were the one who wanted to condemn,' he said, to some extent. Attracted We and she kissed me, 'It is, however, was a good fuck,' he said when we parted. He would not return to work the next day extrapost he entered the day after she wore a black eye and bruised mouth and not talk to me !
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